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Was England’s Reformation the first Brexit? Is Martin Luther the reason you can read? What did Reformation ever do for Shakespearenuns, Sheffield, and your peace of mind?

500 Reformations presents a menu of topics and speakers covering core and quirky aspects of reformations.
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Reformations: an A to Z

Like the underwear? No, not Calvin Klein... Who? In the 1530s John Calvin developed a new theology that would later be ...
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The Worldwide Anglican and Reformed Churches both chose to mark the 500th anniversary of Luther's theses by endorsing an agreement written by ...
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Martin Luther
LUTHER WHO? In 2017, the average household may know more about Idris Elba than the sixteenth-century reformer: MARTIN LUTHER. Born ...
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October 1517 is remembered in the popular imagination as the moment Luther posted his objections about church practice. Writing soon ...
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Book covers of Duffy's Stripping of the Altars and Voices of Morebath
Talk about “Reformation” often reflects the speaker’s view. A 1617 cartoon shows Luther as powerful hero, using his pen to ...
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Black and white woodcut from title page of 1535 Coverdale Bible
In the 1500s, English reformers set out to translate the words of God into English, so that everyone could read ...
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Is that some sort of dance?  No, Ulrich Zwingli was one of the leading reformers in Switzerland at the beginning ...
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