Interested in hosting an event with 500 Reformations?
Want to learn more about the impact of Luther and the Reformation?
Do you represent a group, school, or other organisation?

If you have the ability to host an event, our speakers are ready and willing to share their expertise about a range of Reformation topics. This page provides information about hosting a 500 Reformations event, including what we ask from hosts.

Who can you invite?

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All 500 Reformations speakers are academic researchers affiliated to the University of Sheffield. Some are postgraduates. Some are lecturers. Some are professors. Some are retired.

As 500 Reformations volunteers, each is willing to talk on their specialist topic(s)—subject to your invitation. Talks will normally be 20 to 30 minutes, followed by opportunity to ask questions and engage in wider discussion.  We will consider requests for multiple speakers, subject to availability.

If you have an idea for a different kind of event, or even a series of events, please ask and we will discuss what is possible.

Schools are also welcome to arrange a campus visit, and hear from one or more speakers on site.

Are there any restrictions on hosts?

The University of Sheffield is committed to diversity of thought, experience and approach. 500 Reformations speakers are willing to address any audiences who respect this commitment.

You can request any of the topics advertised. If the date and time of your event is already fixed it is important to be flexible about the topic, because our volunteers’ availability may be limited.*

What do hosts need to do?Microphone on lead
Organising an event is the host’s responsibility. This includes practical arrangements such as health and safety.

If you wish to invite one of our speakers, you will need to provide:

  • A contact person for advance arrangements.
  • A suitable venue.

On the day, you will also need:

  • An audience. (Small is beautiful. Large is okay too. But make sure the speaker knows what to expect!)
  • Someone to welcome and introduce the speaker, and help coordinate any discussion.

Hosts may also choose to provide:

  • Some advance questions for the speaker.

And if possible, we would ask you or your audience to provide:

  • The direct costs of the speaker’s transport to and from your venue.**

To request a speaker and/or more information, the first step is to complete the host enquiry form.

* Naturally, each of our speakers is expert in a different area. Everyone is willing to give a talk at a minimum of two venues in principle, subject to your demand and their availability.

** 500 Reformations is a not-for-profit initiative. We have a small amount of internal funding to help cover transport costs for postgraduate speakers and possibly where the host is a school. Speakers are required to follow University guidelines on economic transport and will provide a receipt for your records. Daytime journeys will normally be from the University of Sheffield campus. We will be happy to discuss the likely cost prior to any event.