Throughout 2017, people are marking the anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 theses in different ways. For some it is a time for celebration. For many it is a time to reflect on how much has changed.

Beginning in October, and running through to Summer 2018, 500 Reformations explores Luther’s longer-term impact in different areas of life. Collectively, our volunteers are talking about topics including international relations, music, and everyday language.

Bringing together a variety of expertise and experience, we aim to respond to provocative questions such as:

  • Is Luther the reason you can read?
  • How did we get from “by faith alone” to a “Protestant work ethic”? 
  • Is it wrong to hold Luther responsible for the Holocaust?

Ways to participate:

HostIf you are based in or near Sheffield (and have an audience), you can volunteer to host an event with one of our speakers.
This option is ideal for schools, hobby groups, or members of faith organisations who would be interested to hear directly from a 500 Reformations speaker.

You can also request to be informed of any events taking place near you.

Follow @500ReformationsIf you live far from Sheffield and want to follow our activities remotely, bookmark this website or follow @500Reformations on Twitter for regular updates including blog posts and mini-podcasts.

We are happy for you to include articles from this website in your magazine, newsletter, or other non-profit publication. Please make sure you credit the author & 500 Reformations.

SpeakIf you are an academic researcher based at the University of Sheffield, you can volunteer to join our list of speakers, or contribute to the website.