Anthony Milton

Profile: Anthony Milton

Professor Anthony Milton’s reformation expertise can be summed up as “England and Europe”. The 500 Reformations team asked Anthony some questions about how this knowledge connects with his research.

Tell us about your Reformation research:
I have worked on various aspects of the Church of England and English politics in the first century or so after the Henrician Reformation. Most recently I edited the first volume of the Oxford History of Anglicanism (covering the period c.1520-1662), and I am currently completing a book for Cambridge University Press entitled England’s Second Reformation.

What question, or questions, are you aiming to answer in your 500 Reformations talk?
I will be asking ‘What did the Reformation ever do for Britain’s relations with Europe?’ Did it impel the British towards developing national identities that were more distinctive and divided from the European continent? (in other words, was it the beginning of a cultural Brexit?) Or did it actually bring us closer to Europe?

Is this your main research area?
Yes. I have always had a particular interest in how English Protestants saw themselves in relation to continental Protestantism and the Roman Catholic church (this was the particular focus of my first book Catholic and Reformed) and I am continuing to investigate English Protestantism’s connections with Dutch and German Protestantism in particular.

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