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Profile: Roel Vismans

Professor Roel Vismans’ reformation expertise can be summed up as “Luther and language policy.” The 500 Reformations team asked Roel some questions about how this knowledge connects with their research.

Tell us about your Reformation research:

I wouldn’t call this my research, but in courses on the history of German and Dutch I touch upon the importance of Luther’s bible translation for the development of the (standard) German language, and by extension the importance of all early modern bible translators for the development of the language into which they translated the bible. There is something interesting to say here about comparisons between various European languages.

What question, or questions, are you aiming to answer in your 500 Reformations talk?

What did Reformation do for the development of standard languages?

Is this your main research area?

No, but it is an important part of my teaching.

Find out more:

Read about Roel’s research interests and publications (University of Sheffield research profile)

Want to hear Roel speak?

Those in Sheffield and the surrounding area are encouraged to invite Roel as part of the 500 Reformations scheme. Information about hosting. 


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