Sue Vice

Profile: Sue Vice

Professor Sue Vice’s reformation expertise can be summed up as “Luther and the Holocaust”. The 500 Reformations team asked Sue some questions about how this knowledge connects with her research.

Tell us about your Reformation research:

As an English Literature specialist, I am interested in Holocaust cultural representations, and therefore the role of Luther as a figure in the development of German and European antisemitic thought and practice has emerged as a theme in questions about the ‘banality’ or otherwise of these events.

What question, or questions, are you aiming to answer in your 500 Reformations talk?

I’ll be asking, “What did Luther ever do for the Jews/antiracism?” I’ll examine what a range of post-Holocaust thinkers have said about Luther in the light of his own writings, and some related contemporary representations of him as a historical figure.

Is this your main research area?

Partly: My work focuses on wartime and post-war representations, rather than the historical or theological underpinnings of the Holocaust.

Find out more:

Read about Sue (University of Sheffield research profile).

Want to hear Sue speak?

Those in Sheffield and the surrounding area are encouraged to invite Sue as part of the 500 Reformations scheme: Information about hosting.