Are you affiliated with the University of Sheffield

Does your research touch upon an aspect of life or society affected by Reformation?

Could you deliver a short and accessible talk about it?

The diverse impacts of the Reformation (or as many scholars today would say “Reformations”) cross into many disciplines and areas of expertise.  If you are an academic researcher (from postgraduate level upwards) with relevant knowledge, please consider volunteering as part of 500 Reformations.

The basic commitment is simple:

  • To be willing to prepare and deliver an accessible talk about the impact of Luther and/or Reformation upon a topic of your choice.

Scheduling of talks will be negotiated with hosts to reflect your availability.

We ask volunteers to be available for a minimum of two talks (normally the same talk in two different venues), subject to your schedule and to demand. These can be any time between October 2017 and June 2018, contingent on your own availability.

Complete our speaker form to volunteer and/or request more details.

Luther and speakers