Talk About Change: Words from the Editor

Last weekend the collaboration between Our Mel, 500 Reformations and Linguistic DNA reached its peak with publication of an anthology and a performance in central Sheffield as part of the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind. The 2-hour slot included a mix of live readings, music, pre-recorded content (to ensure all our anthology writers could contribute) plus a Q&A session with novelist and creative-writing facilitator Désirée Reynolds and some of the writers. 

Copies of the anthology were distributed to those present, and a small quantity are now available (free) for general distribution.

Here are a few words from the editor (Désirée Reynolds), extracted from the beginning of Talk About Change: Writing as Resistance:

What does it mean to resist as we sit here in the global north, with most of our privileges intact? What do we mean to resist and assert and demand and take up space and why do we feel a need to do it? Here is what it meant for this project:

All the way along this project, micro-aggressions told us we weren’t worthy, it wasn’t practical and maybe a little boring (if we had sessions just for women). Did we have the professional ability to pull it off? Was it important enough? Did we know what we were doing? Who told us we could do it? And a group formed, from different communities, moved through class and race and gender and neuro divergences, people who are definitely not boring, who brought with them lives untold, silences made noise, ideas and experiences made real. We looked at the past, unpacked the present and dreamed of futures. A collection that became a collective, people who understood their own resistances, their own oppressions and privileges and decided that all that they are and all that they stand for is worth the struggle. If we could all but do the same.

I am well aware all that writing can give and take away, the bits of life ignored in order to concentrate on the screen or the page. I’m grateful that they did so and I think you will be too.

—Désirée Reynolds

You can also read an extract from the Researchers’ Introduction, over on the Linguistic DNA website.

To request a copy (while stocks last) use this Google form.

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