What kind of research do our speakers talk about?

Each researcher specialises in a different area. Collectively we cover:

Addiction: What did “addiction” mean for English reformers and why does it matter?
Before Luther: What was Western Christian life and spirituality like before Luther? Were changes anticipated and how?
Body image: How did the Reformation affect bodily perception?
The Bible: How did Luther and the Reformation change the Bible?
Brexit: How did the Reformation influence British links to the continent?
Derbyshire: What imprints did Reformation leave in the Peaks village of Bradbourne?
Drama: How did the Reformation shape the work of Shakespeare and other renaissance playwrights?
Immigration: How did Reformers shape the way we think and talk about immigrants and immigration?
International relations: How did the Reformation shape Europe’s relationship with the wider world?
Language: How did Luther change language? How did English reformers shape our vocabulary?
Literacy: Was Luther a campaigner for universal literacy? How did the Reformation shape our attitudes to reading and writing?
Music: How did the Reformation change Music?
National identity: How did Reformation and the break with Rome affect English ideas about nation and European relations?
Peace of mind: How did the Reformation frame our experience of anxiety?

Philosophy: How did Luther shape the thinking of Kant, Kierkegaard, and Løgstrup?
Religions: How did Luther affect attitudes to other religions? Was Luther antisemitic?
Women: What happened to women during and after the Reformation? How did nuns respond? And other women?
Work ethic: How and why did the Reformation produce a “Protestant work ethic”?

Surprised by the diversity? Unsure how Luther and the Reformation could have had such broad effects?

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Luther and speakers